Zachary Powell 
Journey Of Faith

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His Winning Shot and Pride Easily created Life Lessons

Gen Y, Humility, Life Stories, Pride, Sports

It started when Zach was “showboating” after hitting a 3-pointer in a scrimmage.


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  1. Peggy Bodde

    As a college athlete, I deeply appreciate everything you shared, Zach! God continues to use you in a mighty way. Keep your eyes on Him, and thank you for this inspiring testimony. I especially like your advice!

  2. Gary Rogers

    I’m thankful for you Zach for sharing your story. I know God’s timing is best in order to encourage others and thankful for when that time comes. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and staying in touch always. Great job with your interview for the National Championship Game for the College Playoffs in 2022 too!


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