Wyatt Linde
Journey Of Faith

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The Powerful Result in an Injury Allowed a New Path

Faith, Gen Z, Health, Life Stories, Sports

In Wyatt’s story, he learns through injury, that it’s not all about him! He also learns about Team, the big picture and trusting God with the best plan and best path for his life.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Wyatt, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story with the ups and downs while playing sports. You probably were feeling like you were on an island as if no one else ever had to deal with what you were dealing with but there are many athlete’s that have similar situations that have learned like you did. I just wish I knew you sooner so I could encourage you about sports, life and the bigger picture with “team” as well as “God’s Plan.” I congratulate you for understanding pretty quickly about life as an athlete and some big lessons you share about Team First as well as God knows best. It’s hard to understand why things happen the way they happen, especially when there are setbacks like you had, but you didn’t give up. Your story reminds me of Check Your Game in so many ways! You were thrown “a curve” by life, you didn’t quit, you realized your pride and you pushed on to discover a new path and how you could help the team! That is awesome. I know you will be an encouragement for others who are dealing with setbacks whether they are injury, a coaches decision or something else! Your story is encouraging that others can make it through to the other side and come out being better for it. Thanks again for sharing.


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