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Will talks about how his football coach, Coach Newton, helped give him the mental toughness to make it through anything that life handed him.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Chicken Wing (nickname at Vanderbilt), thanks for sharing a bit about your story. Wow! I am so jealous that you were able to be taught mental toughness at a much younger age. For those kids going into college to play sports, mental toughness is so valuable. It’s hard to teach! Sometimes you just have to experience it to learn it but once you do, you can use this in more areas in your life than just sports. Wing, it sounds like your Check Your Game moment took place while in College! As you dealt with all the hard hitting, two-a-days, lifting and running amongst older teammates (especially being a fullback), I can imagine that you didn’t let that get you down and instead reflected on Coach Newton and how you learned from the past that you can do anything! Your mental toughness that you learned and applied to Vanderbilt obviously worked in the classroom too because you now are a successful Deputy District Attorney for the Caddo Parish in Louisiana. Thanks Will for your story and thanks for being a friend to not just me but almost any person you came across at Vanderbilt. I’d say you are probably the most well liked guy from our era during our Vandy days. You are appreciated! Oh, and one last thing! Your advice to kids: don’t quit and academics first! Many other athletes are all saying the same thing like you. Great advice to others. Thanks again.


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