Whitey Rettenmund
Journey Of Sport

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Powerful that you Should Never Judge a Book by its Cover

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As Whitey attended Michigan State University to play baseball, he learned a valuable lesson that can still be taught today and that is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”


  1. Gary Rogers

    I’ve really gotten to like you Whitey as I’ve learned more about your story over the last year. Your wife seems like a great lady and hearing about your kids (Four Foul Balls) sounds like you’ve had many blessings and a wonderful life. I know you are glad that life turned out the way it did even though we all make mistakes in our past but that’s the way things work many times. I appreciate many things about your story that includes your athletics, your coaching/mentoring and teaching but what I really liked hearing is your story about the kids that didn’t look like you on the outside! I too can relate to being an athlete and making judgements of others that didn’t look like me, especially when the others weren’t athletes. Many times in life, people are so focused on the outside; what a person looks like, what kind of car they’re driving, how someone speaks, what a person is wearing, etc., that we really miss what’s important, and that’s the inside of a person! I really love your Check Your Game moment when you realized that these other kids, though didn’t look like you on the outside, were just like you as you got to know them better. I’m much older and wiser today and can attest to what you discovered in life and it’s so important that others not judge a book by it’s cover both on and off the athletic field because many times, people really do surprise us! Thanks again Whitey for spending time with me and being transparent to share a bit about your story. -Gary Rogers

  2. Mike Schulz

    Nice job Whitey!! You might, at times, regretted not taking the baseball route, but literally thousands of lives were influenced and changed because of your influence. We had the best job in the world!!

  3. Craig Irwin

    Wow Whitey, Terry Crews! Was that at Johnson elementary School.I am six years older and was at Johnson also. You where the most supportive coach and made Johnson school sports a real pleasure.

  4. Judy Curtiss

    It was so fun to read your story!! Ive always felt sad you chose your marriage over the possibility of major league baseball, but your imprint you left and is felt on the city of Flint is forever. I cherish the short time you shared your life with our family. We always loved you and always will. What a beautiful life and wonderful family you have created!! ❤️❤️

  5. Ann

    Nice to read your story Whitey.
    I’ve always admired your smile and fun personality. You are a great teacher and family man.
    You have shown one of the best lessons in life as we may all look different on the outside in all shades of color too but what is in our heart and how we treat others that is important.
    When you are a Teacher you influence so many lives.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Paul Minniear

    I always thought that you would make it to the “Bigs”.What a player!! I remember Coach Ralph timing us as we ran from home plate around the bases and back to home. You were the fastest,I was the slowest!!I ran into a pitcher from Flint Northern recently.I mentioned the game where you hit your three home runs. He said ” Two of them were off of me”!!To me you are “All that”. I’m proud to have grown up with you and will forever be your friend.Thanks Whitey!! Paul.

  7. Carol Rittenbery

    Whitey-that was an interesting account of your life as well as full of lessons for all. You did so much with your life. Congratulations.
    P. S. You did your share of acting too!!!

  8. Jon Reibel


    Thank you for sharing your story. You are a great man and role model. Love the advice!

  9. George Petroff

    As the “other baseball player” that roomed with you at MSU, I can very much relate to the baseball thing, the marriage, divorce, not moving on to follow your dream. But also like you and the “foul balls” I have two fantastic kids and 5 super grandkids. Perhaps God’s plan was what we accomplished “off” the field. I’d like to think that was the case. But, having you as a roommate, and teammate has to be among the best times of my life. Love you Whitey.

  10. Betty Kay Etue

    So Proud of this post Whitey. I really never knew much about your background before you married my cousin, Bethany Huber. I knew that she a Great catch but upon meeting you,
    You guys are a Wonderful couple and I’m proud to call you Family.
    What a Great Father and Grandfather. Keep up the good job and your Love for your wife.
    God is Good.
    Betty Kay Etue


    Hi Whitey, Good story. Hope you are doing well. Lots of good memories turned on by your story. Take care!!

    • Whitey Rettenmund

      Hey Randy, thanks for your comment on my story. I think about where you are often. Not sure how to get in touch with you. Haven’t seen you in a long time. I tried to reach you on Facebook but I couldn’t……not sure if you’re on it or not. Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and maybe I’ll see you at some point in the near future. Great memories with our Bishop team.


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