Wendell White
Journey Of Faith

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From Drug Dealing to the Discovery of a New Path

Addiction, Bad Influences, Depression, Gen X, Life Stories, Wrong Path/Party Scene

Wendell’s story is about an ex drug dealer/gang member who finally discovered an alternative in life. His story is the first of our newest process that makes it convenient for you to read or watch his story

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  1. Darci J. Steiner

    Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony Wendell. I loved when you said, “I’m going to give God a try.” And you did, and now your speaking God’s truths. I also loved when you said, “I’m not willing to give my peace away.” Amen. Peace has no price. It’s not worth giving it away to money or anything else. I loved hearing your story. God bless your speaking ministry and getting your message out through your book. I’m so glad God reached out and saved you from your past. Truly he is the good Shepherd!

  2. Blake Southerland

    Thank you Wendell for sharing your story, for pointing it back to God, and for leaving room for the Spirit to talk. Thank you for making this possible G. Praise the Lord!

  3. Peggy Bodde

    What an incredible story! Thank you, Wendell, not only for sharing your story but for living out hope and using what you’ve gone through to help and encourage others. You’re the real deal, and I’m grateful for you! Keep shining.


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