Ventson Donelson
Journey Of Relentless

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Powerful Words in a Professional Athlete to Be Relentless

Anxiety, Gen X, Life Stories, Sports

Ventson shares of the tough times after professional football was over all while being reminded of his old High-School Coach that told him to be relentless and never give up.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    V, thanks for sharing your story. I appreciate your willingness to share about your life and the humility to share some real personal things. I’m so glad you now are involved with kids, coaching and speaking so others can learn through your story as well and to know that it started with your High-School coach is amazing. It sounds like your coach was a great guy and it should encourage other coaches to know that their influences can have an impact that will never be forgotten. I encourage others to reach out to you to not only hear the rest of the story about Dino, but also about how to get that mindset to reach one’s True Potential. That is exciting to me! If a person can learn how to do that, there’s nothing that can stop them. After knowing you for a bunch of years, not only were you a great player, you also are a good guy. Thanks again for sharing your Check Your Game experience in overcoming obstacles in your life.


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