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Running a Red Light is Guaranteed for Bad Results

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“If you’d asked me 7 years ago whether I would be racing off-road motorcycles I’d have probably choked on my drink!”
Learn how Vanessa was forced to take a new path after a car ran a red light and hit her.


  1. William McKissock

    What an inspirational story Vanessa. I spent six months on the floor with a herniated disc, therefore, I can empathize a little with you. I love you whole attitude towards pain and impairment. It is such a positive outlook you have to not only continue but thrive and find new passions. Love it!!

  2. Val Smith

    Wow Vanessa, what an inspirational story. Makes me wanna get on a bike!
    You are one strong determined lady. Well done.

  3. Sherri Leopold

    What a fabulous story Vanessa! What incredible courage and grace! <3 congrats on your fabulous inpspiring journey!

  4. Peggy Bodde

    What strength and what an over comer! Wow. Thank you for sharing your story and the encouragement of “finding a replacement.” Keep on conquering!

  5. Kristin Nelson

    Vanessa! What an amazing, healthy “bionic woman” you have become!!! You are a pillar of strength and I admire your ability to pull the precious out of each circumstance! Your story has inspired me and also is a wonderful reminder of the importance of goal setting!!! Thank you for sharing your story!

  6. Stacey Siekman

    What a powerful and motivating story! Your power and spirit inside is far greater than any circumstance outside. Endurance, Grit, Trust, Truth, Heart are a few words that came to mind as I was reading your story! As an athlete myself, and one who likes to push myself, I can appreciate all that you had to endure.
    Nothing can stand in the way of a WHOLEHEARTED approach to LIFE. You are all in and will continue to inspire, encourage, and empower others to overcome any and all adversity!
    May your heart always continue to shine!

    • Vanessa

      Oh wow. Thank you for your kind words

  7. Mark Goldman

    Vanessa, thank you for sharing this incredible story of loss, hope, perseverance and triumph with us. I read your story while sitting next to my wife who hit me after I told her I was in love! I ride dirt bikes too not quite at your level but nevertheless I do ride. You are an inspiration to all. Keep twisting that throttle girl!

    Mark Goldman

  8. Staci Diffendaffer

    This is such an inspiring story- to push through pain and adversity and determine to make the most of the life we’re given!

  9. Gary Rogers

    Vanessa, I can see how competitive you are when I asked you to share your story and told you that you’d be the 2nd one from the UK to share- and then turned your story around in the next 30 minutes it seemed! #1 in that race! Seriously, I am thankful that you shared your story and overcame the injuries you endured and took you away from a previous path. Your story is impactful and there are others that will be encouraged through it! We’re cooking a crock pot meal over here and it’s set on the longest setting! Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to sharing your Nominations if you choose to continue with our process.


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