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Sports is Guaranteed to End- Now What’s Next?

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What’s life look like after sports in College? Troy talks about this subject in his story and is also the reason why he created Game Plan, the non-profit to help others in a similar situation.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Troy, the first time I met you on the golf course, I liked you. As I’ve gotten to know you more, I understand why you started your non-profit. It makes sense that you went through life as an athlete and came out of that period wondering what to do. I felt the same. It’s very interesting that both of us are from Cincinnati, football players, wore the #41 and also have a passion to help kids in the “game of life!” Thanks for your transparency and especially the time that is involved to give back on a much bigger scale by helping young student athletes for their future. And lastly, I love what you said to me in regards to a question an athlete can ask themselves in order to see what they are truly passionate about and that was, “if your sport was taken away forever, what would you do?” Great question for all athletes to ask themselves. I wish I would’ve asked myself that question when I was young. Thanks again!


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