Trey Champagne
Journey Of Humility

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Humiliation can be Disastrous but a New Attitude brings Hope

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After not being able to pay his mortgage, Trey shares about humility and his appreciation of having any opportunity to work.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Well Trey, where do I begin? Humility isn’t an easy thing for anyone and I really do believe that being humble in life is so important. I’ve heard the saying either “be humble or be humbled” as eventually one of the two will happen. I think it’s much easier to just be humble but as we go through life, we sometimes are hard headed. Trey, thank you so much for the humility to even share some of this. This is not easy at all. I can imagine what that was like but so glad you learned from it and became a better man for it. Jesus is my Lord and Savior as well and I also credit Him for all things that have taken place in life. He knows the plans for us and I’m thankful I’ve got the Creator to help guide me in life! Thanks Trey again for your words and I wanted to encourage you by saying your story is helping me right now as I read it and sure will be great for others too. It was nice playing with you for a few years and I probably didn’t miss lining up against you, especially as you most likely got bigger and stronger! Thanks again Trey for your transparency. -Gary Rogers


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