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Professional Athlete turned Police Officer in a Bind

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Though once was a professional athlete, Tony shares about a time when he hit rock bottom after sports was over and was working as a police officer.
Tony shares his story as well what he discovered in order to find a way out!


  1. Gary Rogers

    Tony, thanks for sharing your story. I’ve known you for many years and you’ve always been a class act. I can still remember before we officially were at Vanderbilt reading your athletic profile and how many records you held in High-School sports. You have been gifted athletically and took those gifts to the next level in the Canadian Football League. You’ve always been fast and as a running back, were always being chased after but that changed while a Policeman! You got a chance to do what I’ve always done (I was a defensive player) except you were much faster! I would’ve hate to have been the bad guy running from you. It’s interesting how life works though! There was a time in life when you seemed to be doing really well, living the sort of good life, but that story came to an end when the drinking and partying each night didn’t seem to satisfy. I’m also pretty familiar with that path as well as the same results. Those things just fill us temporarily and there’s always an empty feeling inside that gets bigger and bigger until, like you, we hit our rock bottom. It took some tough things in your life for you to come to your senses but you discovered what fills the voids in our lives and that can only be done through a relationship with God. Thanks for sharing your story and your advice to not wait to learn about developing a relationship with God.

  2. Joe P.

    Love this guy. His story is even better than what he relays here. His faith is even stronger.


    You are a man, Tony Jackson…proud to call you a teammate…thanks for your vulnerability and your leadership. Bless you brother.


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