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I asked Danny, who has been my good friend/great athlete and teammate of mine at IHHS if he’d like to honor both his parents who have both passed. This profile is to acknowledge both Tom and Rose Topping and let their lives be an impact for others forever.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Danny, you had some great parents and I know how hard your Dad worked, not because I was there with him at work, but how I have seen you in your life as an athlete! You have always been a good friend Danny and I would choose you to be a teammate of mine at any level of sports. Though you took another road instead of the football path, just know that you were a good enough athlete, tough as nails, hard working, blue collar and would do whatever it took to make things happen! You were legit! Of course you know this too, but Rose, I and Mark had a great meeting at the Kenwood Mall. I was so glad that I was there to see her and help encourage her in any way I could. I always love your stories Danny, especially the UC bball game! “See you there!” I was a part of that one! ha. Thanks for sharing a little bit about your parents Danny. Love you always (sissy)….G

  2. mark goldman

    Danny, thanks for sharing your parents attributes with us as well as your love and admiration for both of them. I never got a chance to really get to know your dad but from what I remember he was the strong silent type of guy. Your mom was the sweetest woman I ever met. If memory serves me she was always the life of the party, social butterfly and always helpful where it was needed. I feel blessed to have seen your mom at the mall with Gary on the weekend of his induction to the IHHOF. I can guarantee that Rose and my mom Sharon are laughing together in heaven right now. Take care of yourself, Mark Goldman

  3. Mary Lu Stephens

    I have very fond memories of Rose. She was an avid PTA volunteer and always ready to help. I especially remember how much fun she was. She loved to laugh, play a practical joke, and enjoy life in general.

  4. Holly Baxter Bridgers

    Your parents epitomized class,! I remember being a young girl on the school bus and passing your home and it always looked so beautiful and well kept. Your parents were admirable and kind and warm and humble and classy… that is a special and rare combination. What a treasure.

  5. Dave R.

    Top…that’s a great tribute! Your dad motivated me to be the best version of a lineman that I could be. He paid attention and that meant a lot. He also taught us another important life lesson…that buckets of hot water don’t freeze harder/ faster than out of a hose :-).

    I was fortunate to grow up around some amazingly cool “moms” (ie Stephens, Baxter), and rose was right there at the top with them. Her kindness and willingness to feed us whatever/ whenever we wanted was awesome. I still remember trips to the smorgasbord and Gold Circle for some sort of treat.

    Your parents have a fantastic story (both overcoming so much adversity) and were a great team. I appreciate your note. Luv ya brother.

  6. John R Hofmann

    Where and how do you start with Tom and Rose Topping? Their home was the place to be hanging out with Dan or Mike playing football in the back yard or basketball in the drive. Both Tom and rose were one of the most caring parents I knew if it wasn’t Rose giving us her countless one liners and heart to heart talks Tom was countletssly asking me to get in to my football stance to make sure it was up to snuff and giving me some advice. You were always welcome and definitely apart of the family. I think at their house it was one of the first times I got to stay up until midnight. It’s so true that it takes a community to raise a child. Like other parents that have gone before their time Tom and Rose are surely missed. I think of them often and wonder what they do in certain situations.

  7. Jean Rogers

    Thank you for sharing your Check Your Game nomination honoring your Mom and Dad. I was so blessed to read what you wrote. Also, I loved seeing your family pictures.

    It brings back many memories for me (Mr Rogers and I and your parents) with many years watching you and Gary play Indian Hill sports.

    Danny…You came from a good family with hard working values and amazing integrity.

    Your father was faithful to do what was important for him to provide for the family as he passed his work ethic on to you and your brother.

    Your Mom was a precious and caring lady who, I’m sure, left a legacy of love to everyone at Hospice including all the grieving families.

    You had good parents who loved you and your brother by teaching that hard work pays off and how God’s love never fails even while approaching death.

    I have so many wonderful memories of you and Gary being special friends.

    Danny, you are a great guy. Love you . Gary’s Mama


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