Tom Jutze
Journey Of Listening To A Parent

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Parents are Proven to be Right More than Not

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This story talks about not taking life seriously in College and because of that, there was a suspension. His parents knew what was best and though hard to swallow, Tom humbled himself in this process which turned out to be the best.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Coach Jutze, thanks to being humble enough to share some things that when we were young, probably wouldn’t have come out of your mouth. Just getting by and not applying yourself in school and dabbling a bit with things that weren’t always the best for you as a student athlete seem to be common among many athletes but it isn’t talked about too much. We all think when we’re young that we’re invincible and that sports lasts forever but as wiser men, we know better. Thank-you so much for not only being a good role model when you coached me, but also to be able to share some of the things you dealt with in your past. I know your story will ring a bell with other student athletes and I do appreciate your time, story and advice.

  2. Sabrina Protic

    Great story. Words of wisdom about children listening to their parents are needed. I see so many movies that depict Parents as being complete idiots and children making life-changing decisions in the family.

    It’s great he esteemed his parents and acknowledge the value that they had, in this case his dad advising him to change schools due to his own behavior.

    The parental guidance prove valuable and helped shape the rest of his career.

    Great upbuilding story

  3. Kent McKenzie

    Love the story. I remember Jutz! Man of Moeller. Great read

  4. Stacey Siekman

    Thank you for sharing your story! The very lesson you learned is the subject you are teaching! I love that you have been able to share your heart with your students. For a few, you will be the “parent” in their life. You are setting an incredible example for those you teach.

    Social Media has definitely robbed many of the most amazing gift in life—talking, face-to-face, and sharing in real life. The communication in a text or through a screen isn’t the same as in person. I appreciate you putting the phones in a box during class—it gives them an opportunity to think outside the box!

    Thank you for sharing you story!


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