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A Lost Rat Crawling over my Body was Something New

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“I remember a rat crawling over my right leg and would sleep between my legs on top of the covers!  The next morning, I watched it walk away.”


  1. Billy Southerland

    What an incredible story. Thanks so much for sharing it. I’m thankful that The Lord has continued to call you closer to Himself. ❤️

    • Terry Black

      Thank You all very Much

  2. Val Smith

    Thank you Terry for making the world a better place.
    You certainly have the heart of Jesus, you just keep giving.
    May God bless you abundantly . HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Hope you have a wonderful day

  3. Staci Diffendaffer

    What a hard, but inspiring story! Terry’s life is a testament to how God can bring us out of the most difficult places and set us on a path of great purpose, if we’ll seek Him. I’m so grateful to know your story, Terry.

  4. Darci J. Steiner

    Wow, what a story! You have experienced a lot of hardship, and chose to lean into God instead of turn away. I respect you so much. I think comedy clubs need you. I’d love to watch a Christian comedian! And your future book sounds like an inspirational read. Thanks for sharing your life with us through vulnerability and with the love of Christ.

  5. Gary Rogers

    I’m so thankful that our friend Staci D. introduce the two of us together! Your life hasn’t been easy Terry, but you’re using your life and the things you’ve learned along the way to encourage others. I am so appreciative of that. Thanks for sharing your story and Nominating as well. I appreciate you and look forward to staying in touch. Please let me know if there’s anything I can ever do to help in any way, including prayer!

  6. Karen Pennington

    I love how you remeber where you came from and how far God has brought you. Don’t stop! God still has big plans for you.


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