Steve Fauer
Journey Of Serving Athletes

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A Big Impact Resulted when Serving Others is not Lost

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Steve shares a story of the impact he was able to make as a strength coach in the lives of a couple of athletes that needed a new start.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Steve, you are a great guy! That’s the first thing I want to say about you. From the beginning when we met while at Vanderbilt when you were the Assistant Strength Coach, you’ve helped me and the rest of the players with your job by always doing anything you could to help us be the best players. I also had the privilege of working with you at a private High-School where you continued to be that same person who gives of himself to anyone who needs help. I wanted you to know that I’ve appreciated all that you’ve done for me and what I’ve seen you do for others. Helping these young boys to get a plane ticket sounds outstanding, but it really is just a norm for who you are and what you do. It seems as though you apply this Check Your Game philosophy in many areas of your life! You take notice of what’s around you and you do something about it and especially with kids who want your help in the weight room! Thanks again for sharing of your time and for being willing to help others if they have questions regarding strength and conditioning.

  2. Blake Norberg

    Thanks for sharing Gary Rogers I know Coach Stephen Bryan Fauer had an unbelievable impact on my life. I can’t think of a better teacher and Coach. After going 0-6 at my first competition, he encouraged me to keep going and I got another chance in Savannah where I rebounded by going 6 for 6, took home 1st, and qualified for Junior Nationals in Flagstaff, AZ. By far, this was the best experience of my high school career. It really opened my eyes on what you can do if you fail at first and continue to persist and work hard. That’s how success happens and it requires hard work. I take those lessons from me and apply them every day. Blake Norberg

  3. Tony Decker

    Great advice with proven experiences! Stories like this are truly inspiring!


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