Stephanie L. Mann
Her Mom left her Alone at 15

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Alone in Mexico City at age 15 was New

Abuse, Anxiety, Baby Boomers, Life Stories, Relationship

Stephanie Mann was just 15 years old when her Mom left her for a time in Mexico City all by herself.


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  1. Barbara Joy Hansen

    CommentStephanie Mann is one of a kind survivor who’s using what she went through as an abandoned 15 year old child to rescue kids. She’s a kind, loving generous friend of mine ❤ ready & willing to be a bright light ✨ in this troubled world!

  2. Jean Rogers

    Good for you Stephanie for sharing your story. You will be a blessing to others as they read about how God has used this experience. You are helping others in their journey. Our God is good and loves us unconditionally and helps us when we call on Him. Blessings for a lifetime.

  3. Jodi La Belle

    Thank you for sharing your life with all of us, as a abused child in a adopted home, I can relate to your story. God took your trouble life and turned it around it for you, to be able to be a blessing to others. Miracles do happen when we truly believe, far beyond our imagination. Thank you again Stephanie . “ Another Life Worthwhile,” Jodi LaBelle


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