Scott White
hit by a bag of Wet Sand

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A Nervous Shock was the Result of the Big Question

Addiction, Life Stories, Relationship

Scott felt as if he got hit by a bag of wet sand when his wife asked him, “Do you even want to work on us?” Though Scott thought that marriage would be a cure for pornography, it wasn’t.


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  1. Peggy Bodde

    “In the end, the one thing that is necessary is knowing God and loving Him.”

    Amen! He is the deliverer. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your faith journey and talking openly about a topic that is often avoided in Christian circles. I pray God would use your testimony to deliver hope to everyone who hears it!

    May he continue to bless your marriage and your coaching business!

  2. Barbara Joy Hansen

    Thanks for your courage & vulnerability to expose your inner demon’s Scott. There’s always a hidden need beneath pornography as I discovered in our marriage. My husband’s dad’s tragic death by suicide kept his voice SILENT for decade’s until he faced his painful past including sex addiction’s & betrayal’s in our broken marriage.

    Most men don’t talk openly about these hidden secret’s. God sees. He know’s. He cares & He is able to heal our mind & marriage. It took me looking in the mirror at my secret’s, facing one of my abuser’s with support, getting deep with God & being willing to be vulnerable with my husband.

    You are to be commended for Changing Your Game & helping men understand that temptation with sex addiction’s begin in mind before acting out!

  3. Jean

    Scott I commend you, as Barbara stated, for being courageous and vulnerable enough to share about your redemption from this horrible addiction. I find it interesting that the only people who commented on your story were both women. I truly believe that, just as I did at one point, that we think that as men we should have the strength within us to handle this addiction and not let it effect our lives in anyway. That is a lie, straight out of the pit of hell, and spoken directly off the lips of Satan himself.

    I will qualify my opinion above with a short story of my own. At one point in my life I found myself being appointed as the Church Leader of a Men’s Fellowship. During one of our regular meetings I sensed that the Holy Spirit wanted me to share a part of my testimony that I had never shared with anyone before. I exposed to all of the men present that I had been addicted to pornography and healed of my addiction by our Savior and Lord, and went on to say that if anyone else had an issue like mine that I was living proof that there is hope and help to be had, all anyone had to do was to ask to be healed. It was at this point that all but three of 80+ men pushed away from me and eventually even the Pastor indirectly made me feel like it was time for me to step down from my leadership role, and I did. Eventually me and my wife left the church. Not because we were pushed out, but because we sensed that the work that we were sent to accomplish in that church was finished.

    I am sure that I am not saying anything, that in some degree, you and everyone with this addiction in there past hasn’t experienced. Just like you, I will not let it define me, and I have been freed from the chains of its bondage, and by the blood of our Savior it will never control that part of my ability to love myself and others ever again. Be blessed my brother in Christ Jesus, and may your service to our Lord be blessed until your cup overflows its edges! YBICJ

  4. Staci Diffendaffer

    Thank you for having the courage to share something that pervades and destroys our culture and marriages, yet is taboo to talk about. We need more strong, brave people like you to bring this into the light and show how God heals every part of us. I’m so grateful for you and your story!

  5. Rob Morgenroth

    Bravo Scott, faith and your diligence with that faith led to God’s saving grace!

  6. Scott White

    In reply to Staci Diffendaffer.
    Thank you so much for the encouragement Staci.

    It is a challenging topic to speak about sometimes, but definitely a necessary topic right now.

    In reply to Jean.

    Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m sad that was your experience, but it is also too common in churches.
    Strangely, if you had come from a life outside the church, and pornography was cleaned out of your life at and around conversion, you would be celebrated in those same churches and invited to speak even…

    It is my experience that more women support and interact with my posts related to pornography, which is sad because it is primarily men’s problem.

    So thank you for taking time to read/watch and engage with my story and post. And thank you for sharing your story, my it be a light of hope for others.

    In reply to Barbara Joy Hansen.

    Thank you for a vulnerable response, and for the encouragement.

    My heart is breaking that you and your husband had to go through that.

    I wish I was the only one, but it is the hidden epidemic in the church.

    You have highlighted some critical steps in “Going deep with God, facing an abuser with support, and vulnerability with your husband”
    Those are not easy steps and I applaud your courage!

    Thank you

    In reply to Peggy+Bodde.
    Thank you for the encouragement Peggy,

    I receive that encouragement and blessing.

    The Kingdom advances


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