Sami Vanni
Journey Of Golf in The Cold

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Results Matter- A New & Cold Weather Storm in Golf

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Have you ever had to deal with something outside of your sport that affected the way you played? Sami’s story talks about how he dealt with outside forces that you can’t control. The weather!


  1. Gary Rogers

    Sami thanks for sharing your story. I can imagine what that’s like being cold and wet especially since you have to be swinging clubs. I think athletes can always run into some barrier such as weather, a bad coach, imperfect playing conditions or you name it but you showed us that if you really want something to not let any bad circumstances get in the way. For those athletes out there that have a similar situation, take it from Sami that if you have the will and the desire to accomplish something, don’t let anything get in your way! Lastly, I wanted to tell you Sami and I hope others are reading this, that after getting to know you much better that you are a man of character. You do what you say you’re going to do consistently every time. I hope others will be encouraged to do the same. Thanks for being a role model in this area.

  2. Sam Swirsky

    I think this was the very first story here on check your game. Thanks for sharing Sami and I admire your grit.


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