Richard Stepp
Journey Of Change

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Results from Adversity Encourages New Changes

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Richard shares about the 360 he made when the recession hit as well as valuing relationships from College

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Hey Richard, thanks for sharing. It takes a lot of humility to share what happened to you in life back when the recession hit. It isn’t easy to be so transparent and so it is appreciated for others to learn from. Your story really sounds like many stories in life whether it be during athletics or not! We all go through life and there are many bumps both big and small that we have to go through. We can either lay down and quit or rethink of another way. This moment in life sounded as if it were your Check Your Game moment! You were going along pretty good, got a big bump in the road and instead of quitting, you changed direction 180 degrees, found another path and for over 12 years have been a teacher! Awesome story. It really is encouraging to see that there are so many unique stories like yours to help encourage others who a lot of times think it’s only them that are experiencing what they’re experiencing. Thanks again for your commitment to Vanderbilt Athletics. You were always out there with your team working just as hard as everyone else. Thanks again for your story. I really do appreciate it!


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