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Tim McGraw is Big Time but so was His New Employee

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Rene’s story is about courage, thinking of others, and making a difference in this world.
The passing of her best friend and a bout with breast cancer couldn’t stop this special lady who currently works for Tim McGraw as Fan Club Administrator!


  1. Jennifer

    I enjoyed your story. The part about looking yourself in the mirror at the end of each day, struck a chord. Many days I feel discouraged lately, wondering if what I did was enough. Being a nurse on the Covid unit is very humbling. I need to remind myself that doing my best is sometimes all I can do. You sound like an amazing woman and I thank you for the reminders of setting our priorities, doing kind acts for others, and slowing down enough to enjoy the people in your life. God bless.

  2. Gary Rogers

    Rene, I haven’t forgotten the day I met you while I attended Vanderbilt. You were always so nice to me and my friends and you continued to be that person today. You obviously love giving gifts and I remember the gift you gave to a few of us (crocheted blanket that was black and gold) that I think either spelled my name, or said Vandy! Thanks for being such a good woman back then and today. I am so glad to hear that Tim and his group have given you a special place to work in because I know how you can make others feel special. I just wanted you to know that I’m thankful for our friendship from close to 30 years ago and looking forward to staying connected another 30! Love you Rene, and thanks again for all you do for others and who you are as a person! Gary

  3. Jodi La Belle

    Thank you for sharing for losing a love one, leaves one grateful, and a soul full of compassion.I lost my Mom and our new baby, when I was five. I also do music, “Everywhere I Go,” pro-life “Another life Worthwhile,” by Jodi LaBelle YouTube Blessings


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