Reggie Scurry
Journey Of Finding Authenticity

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Was the Band Nerds? Being Real is Guaranteed Contentment.

Gen X, Identity, Life Stories, Sports

Conforming to what others wanted me to be is small portion of what Reggie discusses. He was torn between playing sports and playing in the band and we learn more about this conflict.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Reggie, I enjoyed talking and learning from you! You gave me a new perspective that I hadn’t thought of. I appreciate your transparency and humility to share things in your life that weren’t always easiest and some mistakes too. I do know that others will learn from you and I’m grateful for your message. I look back when playing sports and realize that there are so many other areas outside of what people call a sport that are so similar. Most things take hard work, commitment, consistency and teamwork but as an athlete in high-school, I thought those other areas weren’t cool like you mentioned in your story. I wish I had read your story when I was younger. I wish I could’ve given more respect to others and other interests that the kids had but I thought sports was the best! It’s not. We all have been given talents and our talents are used in different areas which makes life more interesting. I’m sorry that you didn’t stay with the band as well as football, but at the same time, I’m glad you didn’t because I wouldn’t get this story in order to encourage other athlete’s to expand their minds, be open to trying new things and not to be embarrassed about trying out a new endeavor even if it might look “uncool” to the kids. Thanks again for being authentic and encouraging others to be authentic! You will be making a difference and I’m sure you are right now with your son as well as others that surround you.


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