Reagan Gensiejewski
Journey Of Faith

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Toxic Friendships and a New Found Faith was a Big Blessing

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In Reagan’s story, she shares how she’s forced to learn about patience, starting in the 7th grade when she was cut in softball. Find out more about how she responds to what seems to be setback’s, but turns into blessings as she trusts in the Lord.


  1. Gary Rogers

    First of all Reagan, I want to say congratulations on not quitting when the coach made a decision to cut you in the 7th grade. I can remember the 7th grade as well because this was the grade when sports teams would have to cut kids. In fact, I was a coach much later in life for the 7th and 8th grade boys tennis team and I had to make cuts. That was one of the most painful things I had to do and I’m hopeful that those who were cut, also were able to rebound like you did. Though you experienced what seemed to be pretty traumatic, I bet you can look back and appreciate what took place because of it! You not only learned about motivation, but you also learned patience. I’m not sure if you see this or not, but learning about those areas in life at an early age were probably a blessing! Though you are still being challenged with patience as you shared a little bit about your relationships today, I think you can take some of what you’ve learned in your past that have given you more strength and knowledge that things in your future will be okay! Lastly, but most important is that you are living a life and putting the Lord first. When you put the Lord first and are obedient to what He wants of you in life, it won’t really matter about any outcomes in your life because God will allow you the Peace to know that you are doing your very best! That’s the most important thing about a relationship with the Lord that you rediscovered. Thanks again for your story and sharing your heart.

  2. Peggy Bodde

    What a warrior you are! And so wise in your pursuits of God as a priority in your life. I love the song you referenced – one of my favorites. When I start to feel down or sad, I play it loud! Thank you for sharing your journey. The Lord is truly marching for us, and your testimony is evidence of that!


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