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Lost Keys Proved to be the Last Straw for a New Change

Alcoholism, Baby Boomers, Health, Life Stories, Retirement, Sports, Wrong Path/Party Scene

n Ray’s story, he talks about a time when he lost his keys and missed work. Learn more about how this situation finally motivated him to stop a bad habit that was destroying his life slowly.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Ray, I just wanted to thank you first of all for sharing your story. It is an amazing story and I’m so thankful that you were humble and transparent enough to share. I know there are many others who might be able to relate whether it be an addiction to alcohol, a drug or even an addiction to work! You finally were fed up with where alcohol was leading you and you did something about it. This is exactly what Check Your Game is about. You examined your game of life, didn’t like what you saw and decided to take action and get rid of something in your life that you said was destroying you. I’m humbled that you would share on my site and so excited to be able to encourage kids and adults who may need to hear it from you. Thanks again and looking forward one day to seeing if you’d like to get on a podcast of mine to share some diving stories….especially after seeing the picture of you and Greg Louganis!

  2. bernie Brungs

    Ray, I am fortunate to know you because of diving. You were my two kids’ first coach. I had coached diving and it was hard to turn my kids over to someone besides myself. But I found someone who cared, who was passionate, and who allowed my kids to grow to love a sport that I have loved for a long time. If it werent for your battle with alcohol and such, maybe our paths would have never crossed. Maybe, just maybe, the alcohol was God’s way to get you back to share your love with others. I know it sounds crazy but some of the darkest times in our lives lead to the most amazing outcomes. Our friendship has grown over the years and I consider you a friend. To share this story is amazing. Some people are embarrassed or dont want to face riddicule. But strong people share their stories so others can possibly avoid the same pitfalls. Ray, I will always look up to you as a coach and I will always cherish our friendship. Keep doing what your doing because you are good for the sport that I love.

  3. Donna Barber Huber

    Ray, I remember what a great diver you were! So happy you were able to find your way back and help others to be all they can be.

  4. Heather Ferguson-Rowland

    So happy that you found a life doing what you so deeply enjoy/love. Enjoyed your story!

  5. Karol

    Ray is a good man with a loving and caring heart!

  6. Peggy Taylor

    Ray I’m so proud of you and so happy for you. Experiences, hard work and dedication make for a happy life.


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