Ray Elgaard
Journey Of Life after Sport

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The Transition is not New from Sport to Work

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Though a household name while making a career out of sports in the CFL, Ray shares how he had to re-train himself after he entered the “real world.”


  1. Gary Rogers

    Ray, I wish I would’ve been around you for the entire 13 years that you played with the Saskatchewan Roughriders as you might have gotten me to think about my future a bit sooner. I am thankful though that I played a few years with you and have some vivid memories of you on the football field (wearing your glass cutters), to watching you play crib almost every day at your locker. You were a great player and one that was a physical force against defensive back as well as linebackers. Your years as playing football in Saskatchewan will always be remembered as well in all of Canada. In fact, in 2006 you were voted one of the CFL’s Top 50 players! You were that good, but as your message states, players better think about life after football before it’s over. Your message is great and obviously you are passionate about helping athletes’ futures as you continue to work with professional athletes with their financial plan still today. Thanks for sharing your story and advice and hopefully one day I’ll give you a chance to try to beat me in Crib (we only played once and I won. Total luck btw).

    • Cliff

      I#6 Edmonton Eskimos much respect.

  2. Keitha

    What an inspiring message and one of real truth. Character on and off the field of play is the true goal. I really enjoyed reading your story.

    • Ray Elgaard

      Thx for your note.
      Best of luck to you and yours.


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