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Portia Lauder

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Inspired by a story of Prison, Remarkable Change & Faith

Addiction, Gen X, Humility, Life Stories, Wrong Path/Party Scene

There is no circumstance that God can’t work out in order to Glorify him. In Portia’s story find out what she learned while in prison during her 4 1/2 years.


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  1. Peggy Bodde

    I was in tears over this. God loves us all so much. Wow. Thank you, Portia, for sharing your story and for the dignity you bring to those who are imprisoned. We are all God’s daughters! I pray He would protect you and guide your every decision.

  2. Jodi La Belle

    Beautiful, and extremely well brought out for others to seek out, the purpose that God has for each of us. Our mountains are there for a reason, and each one, brings us closer to an Awesome God. His grace, his love filters the peace that lies within our souls. Beautiful job with the music embedded into the songs. Blessings!! Jodi

  3. Portia Louder

    Thank you Jodi, God bless you sister ♥️

  4. Jean Rogers

    Portia, Wow! You have shared your amazing story with Gary and the Check Your Game sight to help others. Your journey has been difficult but was used to draw you into a precious personal relationship with Jesus. God works all things together for His good. This is a story of mercy and grace. Blessings to you as you live for Him.

  5. Portia Louder

    Thank you for your kindness Jean♥️


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