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Peggy Bodde

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An Unusual Story of Adoption, Forgiveness, Faith and Life Lessons

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After Peggy got kicked out from her adoptive family at age 13, she caught a glimpse of what Jesus looked like when she moved in with the Brown’s. 

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  1. Joseph Capps SR

    Amazing Story! You have overcome much, and are helping many! So happy to be connected with you. May God keep you and bless you!

  2. Staci Diffendaffer

    You’re such a gift, Peggy. Your story and heart are a testament to the ways that God can work all things together for our good. Your courage and light burns brightly!

  3. Scott White

    That moment you talked about of finding out that you could be honest with God about your emotions, frustrations, and hurts.

    That is such a powerful insight, and I think really opens the door to God’s love for us. Thank you for being so real and for your generosity in sharing your story!

  4. Leigh Mackenzie

    Peggy—Wowsers. Thank you for sharing your story. You make me brave. You give me courage to keep moving forward in my journey thru the valley of the shadow of death, to know I’m not alone and there is help and hope.
    xoxo, leigh

  5. Cathy D. Dudley

    My journey has been very different from yours, Peggy. But I love what you’ve learned and shared here. THANK You for your desire to help others! And I totally agree with your three points in “My Advice” … especially #1, as I’ve witnessed this many times ~ including in my own life. God is indeed awesome!!! Blessings to you!


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