Paul McCallum
Journey Of Professionalism in Sports

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Amazing how Getting Released Results in New Perspective

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With over 24 years of playing professional football, Paul has some great wisdom for all.

He shares a few things.

First, about taking his job more seriously after he was released from a team, and secondly, he shares about being a role model to others.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Paul, thanks so much for sharing just a small, but powerful piece of your story through your many years of being a professional athlete. There aren’t too many athlete’s like yourself who have played so long. Everything you had to say was not only interesting but also encouraging for me and I know it will be for others too. What I thought was really interesting, and very common among athletes, has to do so much with humility! Whether or not an athlete has played one year, 6 years or 24 years like yourself, before we ever want to examine our lives and make big changes, there is a level of humility that many times needs to happen and that usually comes after we get hurt, get cut or some other situation that brings us to a low in life. The good thing about you though Paul, is that you still were able to continue play because as we both know, most others aren’t so lucky. Even though you had some success while at Saskatchewan, there was a moment of humility when they pushed you out. You then took this time in your life to examine your life and to improve. You talk about the physical changes as well as mental changes you made. You took things more seriously, you changed your workout situation and overall improved your football skills and the results were great! You were able to continue your playing career for a lot longer which included one of your most memorable years as a player in 2011 with BC. Thank-you for sharing your Check Your Game story and for anyone reading right now, I’d encourage YOU to not wait to be humbled in life before YOU examine YOUR ways and get better, but to start RIGHT NOW! It’s not easy to do, especially if good things are happening in your life, but act as if you were Paul when he was getting pushed out from his old team and quite possibly from his sport forever! Lastly, I’d like to say that my memories of you while at Saskatchewan were always good. I never thought of you as an overly confident player who thought he was any better than the rest of us. You were a good teammate and am proud to call you a friend.


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