Pat McDermond
Journey Of Patience in Football

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Overnight Success in a Fast Food World is Rare

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In Pat’s story, he shares about good things taking time, along with goal setting and a plan!

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Pat, your story is so valuable, not necessarily because you had a goal of benching 400 pounds and accomplishing it, but because your story can be applied to all things in life. Acknowledging an area of improvement, writing down a plan to address that area and sharing with others is not only amazing but is similar to what Check Your Game is about! You examined your life, recognized an area that needed improvement (strength and size for football), and you did something about it by working hard in the weight room. It’s interesting because as you were working hard in the weight room, only you knew how much you were “shining on the inside.” Then when you tested before the season of your Senior Year and benched 400 pounds, that’s when you were “shining on the outside.” Your story epitomizes our slogan “to Shine from the inside out.” Lastly, for those who don’t know you, I wanted to share that not only was your story motivating, but you are also a role model for others to look up to. You are smart, caring, a hard worker amongst other things, and I’m proud to be your friend. Thanks again for sharing a bit of your story and advice for more than just the athletes to be encouraged with. Your story is for everyone!


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