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Diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome was Big- Hug a Loved One

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Yusuf shares his story about how committed he was to basketball only to have his dreams be totally shaken through Marfan Syndrome. Find out more about how this affected his life and how he then decides to make school a priority.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Yusuf, I’ve known you for a bunch of years from the time that Billy/Suzanne Southerland (“your adopted family”) took you in and loved you like one of theirs. I remember the Cincinnati State days at the beginning. You always had this love for basketball and I was a part of your experiences for a short time. Thank you so much for being vulnerable and talking about how you might have put a lot of energy(95%) into your sport only to have that dream of playing come to an end because of the medical issue that took place! You have handled that situation as good as anyone could. You didn’t just give up your sport as you continued to work with the Tusculum Basketball Team, helping to coach and mentor. You have a great story Yusuf and I’m excited to share your story with others who might feel like they are the only ones dealing with something as detrimental as what you had to deal with. Again, thanks for sharing.


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