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Journey Of Faith

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A Fire, Flood and Loss Allowed a New Peace

Depression, Faith, Life Stories, Pride

5 minute trailer and 17 minute full video is included in Missy’s story that shares about adversity and how those experiences led her to a place of seeking God and finding Peace! She now runs a non-profit called Love Hope Ranch (equine therapy for vets, first responders and children) near Houston, TX


Full Interview


  1. Joseph Capps SR.

    You are another testament of God’s miracles. Out of great tragedy and trauma, you have risen to fulfill His plan. I am so honored to be your friend and brother. You are an inspiration and God’s light shines in you and through you!!

  2. Peggy Bodde

    So much wisdom! Thank you, Missy, for sharing all you’ve lived and loved through. And thank you for this important advice:

    “Manage and conserve energy, utilize time well, only let those into your circle and interact with those bringing something positive into your life.”

    We can’t be our best without boundaries. I pray that God will bless you as you continue your faith journey. Your story glorifies Him and shines the light of Hope. *

  3. Dave Berens

    Comment Very good read. Thank God those kids were brought into your life to keep you moving forward and on the path you’re on now.
    Life is full of heartache, disappointment, pain and suffering. Stories like this show that all of these things are needed sometimes to get you to where you’re supposed to be.

  4. Staci Diffendaffer

    This is such a wonderful story of healing and hope! Love Hope Ranch sounds like an amazing non-profit.

  5. Jodi La Belle

    Each person is unique and has mountains that one must climb, just a different scenario. Sometimes it take a lot to happen to get our attention. Missy keep marching, and through it all, you know who holds your hand. God is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


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