Mike Nichols
Journey Of The End of Sport

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A Sport can allow Amazing Results but It Ends

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This story talks about the desires many of us have to continue to play sports after High-School and how wrapped up we are and identify as an athlete. Mike talks a little bit about this as well as his regrets and shame for leaving a year sooner than expected.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Mike, it’s been way too many years since we were on the field together and I sure wish you would’ve stayed at IH with us but I know you were successful at Moeller HS and in college. I appreciate so much your transparency with all that you said and can feel what you felt too. You and I, like many other athletes who have been a part of sports for so long, get so caught up in our sport and get our identities all screwed up. Our self worth is tied to who we are as an athlete and how good we perform and that affects us during our sport but even more so when our sport is taken away. You have a lot of advice and wisdom that takes more than one read of your story. It’s deep and also true! I am fortunate to have played with you for a year and more fortunate to have gotten your story to share with others who are currently playing. I know others will be able to learn from you and others and be better for it. Thanks again for everything and looking forward to staying in touch.


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