Mike Kelly
Journey Of Work Balance

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Disastrous Results for the Million Dollar Guy

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While working 80-100 hour weeks in football, his 2 young daughter’s missing their Daddy didn’t sway him from trying to be the $Million Dollar a year guy in football.
In Mike Kelly’s story, learn about how it is never too late to change in life!


  1. Jon Astrope

    Never judge a man by how he falls. Judge him by how he gets back up and you’ll see what he’s made of.

  2. Tom Cudney

    Coach… great reference about your Dad! I can appreciate your devotion and enduring commitment to the game you love!

    All the best and much continued success…!!!

    • Gary Rogers

      Hey Coach Cudney, I’m sure you totally understand what it’s like as you too are a coach! Balance would be so hard, especially because the game of football demands lots of hours at work in preparation, practice, travel and games too.

  3. Lori Strahley

    Mike in reading your story is like reading Kevin’s narrative.You both were built to be the best.Not so much financially but be #1 in all that you do.Being 2nd wasn’t an option.I balanced Kevin in that way.He worked 200% and played hard to win.He told me when he played at Bluffton before a game he quoted Charlie Daniels Band”I told you once-you son of a —I’m the best there’s ever been “ Traveling is hard on family life but I grew up with my dad being gone for work,I knew what I was in for.During quarantine I kept beating him at on online Golf game so he said it was a stupid game & would not play! Nothing can stop the drive of a person that has to be #1 You do the best you can, Lori


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