Melissa Robinson
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In an Early Period of Life it was Big

Abuse, Addiction, Gen X, Life Stories, Relationship, Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse at an early age pushed Melissa to trust females; eventually turning into relationships.
This story is one of faith and how God filled a big hole and healed her heart!


  1. Stacey Siekman

    Melissa, your words, “I was trying to fill that God-sized hole in me with anything and everything else but Him” resonate so much with me. For many years, I felt like I was on an external scavenger hunt for approval, to be seen, to be loved. This was a dead end search–an endless pit. It wasn’t until I found the Lord and began to seek him, that the hole became smaller. It has taken me MANY years to feel WHOLE—chosen, loved, and cherished, not by another human, not even by me, but by HIM!
    Thank you for sharing your story! I am sure you are making an incredible impact in your jail ministry.

  2. Desiree Taylor

    What a beautiful story, Melissa. Thank you for sharing those hard things. Praise God for the way He has saved you, healed you, and restored you. What an amazing testimony and ministry you have to share with others. I pray as you share your story, others will be drawn to Jesus and know there is hope in the midst of the devastation.

  3. Mark Cravens

    Thank you for sharing your story! You are truly a portrait of God’s redeeming grace! Your story is a story of hope – a hope that is only found in Jesus Christ! Keep telling your story because there are thousands who need to hear it!

  4. Staci Diffendaffer

    I’m so blessed by this story. It’s hard and emotional and inspiring. I’m so grateful that you’re courageous enough to talk about your incredible transformation and the mindsets we can fall into when we’re hurt. I’m celebrating your new life with you!!

  5. Gary Rogers

    Melissa, your story isn’t one that would be easy to share, especially with all that’s talked about around this subject. I know it was needed though! I am thankful that you took your time and were humble and transparent in order to share it. I know it will be an encouragement to others when the time is right! Thanks again for your time to share and it was great getting to know you more. -Gary


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