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Journey Of Faith

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The Dying Baby was just a Dream but Guaranteed Results

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In Marnie’s story, we learn what she did when watching her “baby” slowly dying in front of her eyes.
Though this was only a dream, it would become very real with her business. This story can be watched by video (link in story) or read below.

Full Interview


  1. Marnie

    Thanks for interviewing me, Gary, and inviting me to share this “traumatic” story for the first time in public. God is good, all the time, even when the circumstances are rough. When we seek Him, we find Him—because He’s always right there! Thanks and God bless!

    • Gary Rogers

      I am humbled that you allowed me to interview you and understand how traumatic this was for you. God is good all the time, isn’t HE? Thanks Marnie!

  2. Stacey Siekman

    What a story!!! Thank you for sharing! I love Marnie’s words—keep your eyes off the waves and onto Jesus!

    God always has a plan—no matter what is happening on the outside, God is always working on the inside! ❤️

  3. Darci J. Steiner

    “Keep your eyes off the waves and onto Jesus.” I love this quote and your faithfulness to God. That’s amazing he brought you out of that financial distress with a buyer who didn’t even do anything with the building for awhile. Thanks for sharing your story of faith. God bless!

  4. Gary Rogers

    Marnie I am so thankful that I had a chance to connect with you, learn more about you, and to share a story that would’ve been so hard to go through. As I think of what you went through, I have trouble even thinking what I would be able to do to overcome so many challenges your family had. One thing after another gets in the way, but God can overcome all those obstacles, including the sale of a building that no one had wanted to buy. It’s simply amazing, but that is how we would describe God too! Thanks for being vulnerable, transparent and humble in order to share your story for the first time. I truly appreciate it and know what you shared will be an encouragement for others. Thank you, Gary Rogers


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