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A Father Figure would be Amazing and I Looked for a New One

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Marcus shares his story about no father figure growing up, being financially strapped and lacked intimate guidance at home.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Marcus, WOW! I am learning so much about my own teammates that I knew very little back then. I’m sorry that you didn’t have a father figure to learn from but it shows a lot about who you are as a person in how you knew you wanted to learn and did that by watching others around you. Fruit! Isn’t that interesting! I use that word a lot too. If someone says they’re an Apple Tree but there are thorns instead of apples, then most likely they aren’t the Apple Tree! You were gifted with physical talent. You were fast, quick, athletic and had moves not just on the field but the dance floor(for those who don’t know Marcus…he can break it down). God gave you talent physically with your feet and also your eyes! He allowed you to use your vision not just to see the field as a quarterback, but also to look at the field of life and understand who was doing what and who was producing what so you could copy those people. Check Your Game can mean so many things but in your story, it sounds as if it was just coming to the realization that you needed some guidance and instead of following the crowd or laying down and quitting, you watched and learned! Great job. I know you were able to pick the right pieces of fruit while in college because I noticed your fruit not just back then, but also today. You were a great guy, leader then and now it seems as well because I know what your focus is and nothing is more important than that! I can see it in your smile as well as your wife Tina’s too, and that is what I call fruit. Thanks for sharing your story Marcus and I hope to encourage others who might be on the same path as you to learn from those around you instead of coming up with excuses like you could’ve done given your circumstances.


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