Marcus Adams
Journey Of Last Conversation

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A Last Conversation with Dad Impacts in a Life

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The story is about the last conversation with Dad!

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Comment Marcus, thanks for sharing. There doesn’t need to be many words. Your actions showed what Check Your Game is all about when you were reminded of what your dad had told you, realized that you’re about to fail out and then made a decision to make changes necessary to graduate. Great job by the way. I too can understand the partying ways and not going to class as much as I should’ve been going to. It took almost failing out for you to rethink that path but I think for many of us, it almost seems to take bad results for us to wake up. Why couldn’t we go through life and do it the right way in the beginning? Of course when we’re young and haven’t experienced much, we think we know what’s best. Thanks again for sharing and willing to encourage those athletes that are on the same path that you and I both were on in life! So instead of trying to live and learn the hard way kids…..listen to Marcus and put education as a priority. And lastly, Marcus you are a good guy and it’s been nice getting to know you even though we had never played in the same era. Thanks again.


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