Justin Terry
Journey Of A Job

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One Thousand Miles Away was a Big Move for Work

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In Justin’s story, he learned quickly upon graduation from college that his dream job didn’t meet expectations.
He literally changed directions by moving 1000 miles to Tampa, FL where he would eventually find a job that was a much better fit.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Justin, wow! First of all, I’m humbled that you included me in your story! I’m glad I could help you, but even more thankful that you found an opportunity that you enjoy and wanted to share a bit of your experience with us at Check Your Game. I remember when I graduated and really had no idea what I wanted to do! I think many graduates are like this and instead of beating ourselves up, it’s okay to give grace as we’ll figure things out like you did! Thanks Justin again for sharing your story and am thankful for our friendship. I love that you are always open to make new connections, help others when needed and meet for coffee like we did recently. You are a good one Justin!

  2. Gregg Terry

    So proud of you Justin, you really did “make it happen”! The best part is you continue to make it happen everyday in both your personal and professional life. You have always been the center of your friend base as they rally around you, ask for your advice and take in your positive “can do” energy. You have a gift for lifting people up, you are determined and you succeed! So proud that you are my son!

  3. Blake Southerland

    It is neat to hear about how you did not give up but continued to make moves until you found a place that ended up working for you. Sometimes it feels like you have to find the perfect thing the first time, but it’s encouraging to see it take multiple attempts and work out! Gary definitely is a great guy!!

  4. Caroline Jurgensen

    Watching you “make it happen” for yourself has inspired me more than you will ever know. I am so proud of all your hard work, and it has been a pleasure watching it pay off for you. You have such a natural talent when it comes to people skills, and I think that is not only something we could all learn from you, but it is something that will be rewarding down the road. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.


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