Joshua Watson
Journey Of Life After Sports

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Big Dreams Came to an End- Now What’s Next?

Gen Y, Identity, Life Stories, Sports, Wrong Path/Party Scene

Joshua’s story shares about his rise and fall in sports and when he finally came to a better place after he was humbled.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Joshua, I remember connecting with you on LinkedIn as you were dealing with NFL/CFL stuff. It seemed like a hard time for you and just remember saying that you aren’t the only one who has gone through this. Most or many athletes go through similar things as they get out of sports and try to work through from being the so called “athlete” to what seems to be a now “normal” person. It takes a lot of transparency and being vulnerable to share what you did, especially as you were experiencing this rock bottom in your life. I’m glad I could at least be a tiny part of this time and hopefully I was able to encourage you just a little bit. What is even more exciting for me and hopefully you as well is that your Check Your Game “moment” and advice for others to learn from is what is most valuable. I think your words are amazing and know they will be able to encourage many others who are just getting started in life all the way to the ones who are now playing in college. Thanks again Joshua for your time and looking forward to staying connected for a lifetime. And lastly, your coach Dabo sounds like quite an amazing man and I look forward to meeting him someday. It’s awesome how you had the opportunity to not only play for him but also learn not just football, but life!


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