Josh Cooper
Journey Of Change

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Bad Choices Needed a Big Change for Better Results

Bad Influences, Gen Y, Life Stories, Relationship, Sports, Wrong Path/Party Scene

Learn how a divorce, drinking and going out led to a rude awakening in life. Ultimately, Josh makes changes that help him become a better person all around.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Thanks Josh for sharing your story. I’m sure many of us can relate. A lot of times it seems that drinking is the culprit for hurt among ourselves including others that surround us. Many times we’re just so caught up in that scene that we can’t even see the ones we’re affecting. Great job to realize that you needed to make that change not just for yourself but for your kids. Over indulgence of alcohol doesn’t care about your age and usually leaves the same results; unsatisfied! Great job by the way with MasterChef and keep making our hometown of Cincinnati proud. I’d love to try your food someday!


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