Jon Warden
Journey Of Injury & Baseball

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Almost as if in an Instant Professional Baseball was Lost

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In this story, Jon Warden shares how he thought he’d make a career out of playing with the Detroit Tigers, but with an injury to his pitching arm things would change.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Thanks Jon for sharing a bit of your story. I’ve known you and Karol for probably over 30 years and feel fortunate to know you both. Sometimes a Check Your Game moment takes place when others come into our lives like Karol did in your story. I can imagine how much it hurt that your baseball career was cut short, but making the choice to move on like you did after your wife helped you to see that your future with baseball and kids wasn’t over yet through teaching and coaching was a great choice! Many times, especially when we’re in unchartered territory, like you moving on from your sport, it’s not easy to truly listen to others. Great decision to listen! I hope others who might have a story similar to yours in regards to injury, will be encouraged that life isn’t over because a sport/passion in another area is finished, but that it’s a new opportunity on just a different path or just time for Plan B! Your path has been great and more than likely has affected more kids and adults in life than if you played baseball for another 15 years!

  2. Karol Warden

    48 years of marriage and he still makes me laugh on a daily basis.
    Karol Warden

  3. Dan Topping

    Coach Warden, Happy Birthday! Coach Warden had a huge impact on my life. He had enough trust to move me up to varsity as a freshmen. He was always there for me and I would have ran through a brick wall for him. There is one story that makes me happy. My dad was sick in his bed suffering from cancer, and I hadn’t seen my dad smile in days. Coach Warden came to visit my dad, and when he saw my dad lying in bed, Coach jumped/leaped/dove right into bed with him and made my dad laugh and smile. Coach, I will never forget all the great times and everything you’ve done for me and my family.

  4. Patrick Zicka

    Coach, I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Out of all the coaches I have ever had, you had the most impact of em all. We have had so many good memories with going to the State my junior year of high school and also coaching me at my time at UC. I love running into you around Loveland and talking about old times. To many more years brother.

  5. Grady Rogers

    I love this story and from a person I have always admired! Mr. and Mrs. Warden are so passionate about teaching, coaching and setting a great example to the next generation. I think a lot can be learned in this story. I also love the fact God sometimes closes doors but if we open our eyes new doors are there we just have to have the courage to open them. Sounds like Mrs. Warden maybe kicked u thru! Lol!

  6. Andy Hofmann

    Happy belated Birthday Coach Warden! Thank you for being such a great coach, mentor and friend. You taught me so much about being a competitor, but more importantly about being a good teammate. Whether it was on the diamond, field, court or classroom you were always cheering me on…”Come on Hof!” You’re the best.


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