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In A Shiny World Saying No is Big

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In Joe’s story he shares how he had to say “no” to others on a Friday night, not because of what you may think, but because he cared about his education and needed to study.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Wojo, your story makes me wish that I had a friend like you while I was in College. There weren’t too many athletes that I knew that were doing their homework instead of going out on the weekends. That takes a lot of discipline and for those kids that are reading your story, I hope they are encouraged to make good choices like you did a long time ago. You have been successful in business today but that didn’t come without a sacrifice! Great things don’t come easy! Do they? Thanks again for sharing your story.

  2. Tiffany Bridges

    Although I did not get to play soccer in college due to tearing my ankle up senior year, I did play in high school and I was never going out during season. I never had time with practices and school work. Plus with drinking going on at parties I didn’t want to get in trouble and suspended from games (which I saw happen a lot) I admire your strength and intelligence in choosing school over partying. Heck…that’s what our 20s were for!
    I will add when I decided to go back to school to become a nurse while playing professional football that def was hard work. I missed a lot of things during those years and ultimately retired from playing after a back injury. Then nursing school became much easier cause I had all the time in the world


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