Joe Peebles
Journey Of Scholarship & Sports

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A Big Burden that was Wiped away in an Instant

Family, Gen X, Life Stories, Sports

Being a standout 8 year old to an everyday Middle Schooler to a walk on in College, Joe shares the reality that many kids experience as they go up the ranks in sports.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Joe, you were one of my first friends at Vandy along with Chicken Wing! You both were great guys and to this day still are. Joe, you worked hard in football and I never remember hearing you missing practices, not doing what coaches wanted you to do etc. You were a part of the team your first two years as a walk on as well as a part of the team when you were on scholarship (great job). I can remember you running scout team offense for the 1st string defense and just wanting to beat us in which you did on occasion. You always had that competitive spirit as well as being positive most of the time. The realization that to be that one guy who would lead the team as QB wasn’t necessarily going to be you on Saturdays and then deciding that you would then use your time to focus on education is a great Check Your Game story and one that kids can learn from. Before you could make the decision to focus on your education, you had to really examine yourself, be real as well as humble and that’s not easy to do! Thank-you so much for your transparency and humility to share this with me and to encourage other athletes. I really do appreciate it!


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