Jeff Prifti
Journey Of Commitment

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Stardom is Never Guaranteed but Just Don’t Quit

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In Jeff’s story we find out how he responds to an injury during his Senior year while playing High-School football.


  1. Gary Rogers

    Jeff, it has been a pleasure to get to know you when you were just a kid playing youth football. You were so talented as an athlete and a valuable piece to our team. The great thing about you as well was that you weren’t too confident where you would do your own thing or thought you were better than others. You were a humble kid, listened to coaches and played the best you knew how! I can’t imagine after all the years of playing sports (especially your love of football), how you had to deal with injury your Senior year in High-School! I can imagine how frustrating that would be! Though this story seems to have a bad ending, it doesn’t! You made the decision to not give up and to find another way to help your team (an amazing Check Your Game moment)! This is truly what a teammate does whether in sports, business or in life. It’s not about feeling sorry for yourself or trying to bring the team down so you can feel better either! You made such a wise decision to continue to be a leader on your team even though it was hard. For those kids, adults or whomever who think they might be the only ones to experience something so bad in their life (injury, getting cut, released from a job, losing something very important to them), I know your story will bring hope and encouragement. Thanks for sharing and I know you’ll continue to be successful in life because you’re a team player and you never give up!

  2. Wendy Gold

    Jeff. I remember years ago when Gary first started thinking about the idea behind Check your Game – how it could be a road map for his whole life and not merely for sports or in his case, football. He never gave up. And today seeing young people like you applying the concept to live your best life, well it’s just life affirming. I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jean Rogers

    Jeff… I loved reading your story with wisdom from your experience. Thanks for sharing from your heart with the good advice.

    Gary… I loved reading your words of encouragement to Jeff. I can only imagine how much you blessed him.

  4. Kyle Decker

    I have known Jeff since he was in 5th grade and I knew he was a special person even back then.He treated everyone around him with utmost respect and dignity.

    Here is a story most people don’t know but those that know him should:

    I was getting done with a workout one day at the gym around 6:30 AM one day about 2 years ago and the janitor was near my locker picking up towels and saw my polo Job Center shirt. He looked at me with a smile and said “Hey I been up to that place. I spoke with a bald guy that treated me so well. I really enjoyed going to that place.”

    I finished Jeff’s description and he confirmed it was him and it just amazed me to have someone next to me picking up a towel at 6 in the morning randomly smiling because of the way Jeff treated this man.

    JP has a special place in my heart ❤️

  5. Kecia

    Love this Jeff Prifti! Well done.

  6. Patty Kenter

    Love this ❤️. Jeff’s attitude is amazing and Check Your Game was such a positive influence on our boys during those early years.

  7. Diane Hesse

    Jeff, you were always such a pleasure to have around! You were like another son and always positive to have around! You were an amazing athlete to watch, whether in 6th grade, or as a senior in high school!
    It is fantastic to see that you have carried that drive, ambition and positive attitude with you into adulthood and into your outlook on life. I have no doubt you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to!


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