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A Powerful Story of a New Dependance on God

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In Jean’s (Mom’s) story, we learn about God’s Faithfulness in order for her to be more dependent on Him and not on people.


  1. Dawn Rogers

    Jean, you are truly an inspiration. Thanks for letting God work in your life and sharing God’s unconditional love with others. So blessed to see how God continues to use you!

  2. Ryan Paul

    Jean (Mrs. Rogers) – You have always been an incredibly positive and inspiring influence on me, your family and community. Thank you for sharing your story. And Happy Birthday Weekend! I hope you are treating yourself to a batch of your delicious chocolate chip cookies!

  3. Jill

    I loved how you said you saw color like you never had before & had a love for people you never had before, once Jesus came into your heart! It’s been amazing to watch the strength & peace Jesus has given you the moment Bill went to Heaven. There is no denying God has gifted you with this because we saw the sadness & fear when he was still here. God is so loving & so good & you are being His mouthpiece. Thank you for being so faithful to you Lord & Savior which is a great example to all of us. Love, Jill

  4. Katie Karassik DiDonato

    Jean I have to laugh as my friend group ages and begins to talk about choosing the same nursing home. You and mom had a good plan going! (I asked Katie to break down the message so that I could understand better and this is what she said, “Our Mom’s, both Jean and Mrs. Karassik both planned on living in the same nursing home together- now my friends are proposing the same. It always makes me think of our Mom’s.”) Katie had told me (Gary) that it was one her Mom’s favorite story to tell!

  5. Glen Rogers

    Mom, what a powerful story of God’s faithfulness! Thank you for being God’s mouthpiece and leading others to follow Christ, including me. You have touched so many lives over the years, and I am so grateful that you continue to seek to love and share Christ with others. You never cease to amaze me with your willingness to serve and love others…cooking meals for friends, organizing birthday parties, leading Bible studies, listening to strangers stories (not sure how you get strangers to do this), making others feel special, and I could go on and on. What a blessing you are to others! I know that the last couple of years have been challenging, but God has developed your faith and character. I’m reminded of James 1, which talks about facing trials so that we can become mature and complete. Your willingness to not feel sorry for yourself speaks volumes of God working in your life. Love you always.

  6. Janet Vlasic

    This is how I feel about my sister Jean… best friend.

    Jean has an energy and an enthusiasm that is infectious and irresistible to everyone around her….even those who don’t know her. She always had a way of drawing people to her.

    All the years growing up I cannot remember hearing a cross word or having an argument. We shared the same bedroom and the only issue that comes to mind is that she had an annoying habit of tossing her clothes on a chair in our bedroom rather than hang them up in the closet. Wow….not much to get angry about! After we married, we always stayed in touch even when we lived in different states. We could have been twins, though we did not look alike, our thoughts were always similar.

    Jean liked to be busy and involved. The best part was that she did everything well….whether it was sports, volunteering, entertaining, or cooking. I remember when she decided to have a circus in our back yard. She and her friends were the circus acts! She prepared that event for days. The only people who attended were our parents and me!

    Even though time went on after she and Bill married, Al and I always stayed close. Family dinners were a favorite, vacationing, getting together with Greg, Gary, Grady, Glen, Russell and Ryan…lots of entertaining at each other’s house, until Bill got ill. Things were changing with Bill as well as Jean too. Her only focus now was her dedication to serving Bill, as she always served the Lord. She never complained or gave up hope. Something I shall never ever forget was watching Jean’s face as she looked deep into Bill’s eyes asking if he needed anything. What I saw that particular day was so touching. It also told me what I always knew, that she was a special person and touched by God.

    She continues to live her life with grace, dignity, and faith. Now she is serving others. I love you Jean!!

  7. Kristin Nelson

    Jean, I feel as if I have known and loved you for years!! Your servant heart and kindness shines bright through your entire family and especially “your favorite son” Gary!! Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for inspiriting me and thank you for building God’s Kingdom!!

  8. Billy Southerland

    Wow! I just finished reading this and have tears in my eyes and chills all over. What a beautiful testimony Jean to our God! I am so thankful for the witness you both have been to me as a young man leading Young Life. I’m so thankful for the way you have raised your amazing sons. What a blessing to know you, and praise God for the life that He offers us. Gary, keep doing your thing! You are inspiring others by posting these stories and giving people like your mom to be the mouthpiece God has called her to be. Thankful to call you friend !!

  9. Suzanne Southerland

    Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing your beautiful life story. Your words are so encouraging and your faithfulness to the Lord is inspiring and powerful. Thank you for loving all of us, even my crazy husband, over the years!

  10. MaryAnn (Boots) McCosby

    Jean, you are the dearest of friends and those few years in Franklin Park, PA have not faded from my memory. We connected almost immediately as I had my eighth child and you were expecting your first son, Greg. God blessed our friendship as we both learned to have a deeper love, acceptance, trust and belief in Him and His gift to us.

    • Jean Rogers

      Thank you my dear and sweet friend. You are a lifetime blessing to me. Grateful for all the beautiful memories. Love you! Jean

  11. Johnny Clark

    Thank you Mrs. Rogers. We love Gary and now we know why! He is a good man and clearly you and your husband live on in him. May God bless you and keep you.

    • Gary Rogers

      Johnny, that is so nice of you to say! My Mom is a great lady. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Val Smith

    What an amazing story and family!
    Feel like I know you Jean, although I’m across the pond in little Britain.
    Have a wonderful Birthday weekend

  13. Peggy Bodde

    I’ve read your story more than once, Jean, and find it moving and inspiring each time. What a powerful testimony and what tender strength you have. Thank you for sharing your story. I see a legacy of faith in Gary!

  14. Cate Leach

    Love this sweet journey of life you have shared here. Your light shines!

  15. Wendy Wallace

    What a beautiful testimony for God, Jean. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s evident that you are a great strength for others during their trials. That’s such a great quality in a mom and I pray that my kids continue to lean on me,like your kids do you.

  16. Darci J. Steiner

    Your story of faithfulness to God provides so much hope for those of us who have never lost a spouse. I can’t imagine your pain in that situation. Thank God he gave you peace and hope when you were enduring that season. And now, being a widow, your faithfulness shines through in the story you wrote. You have confidence knowing God is with you, and that you are not alone.

    I’m truly impressed by the love in your family I witnessed on your birthday videos. What a blessing you are to your sons, and your sons to you. May God continue to show you his faithfulness. I’m so glad to have connected with you. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and encouraging note about my story. We have a great God who can do anything, and who is there with us no matter our trial. God bless you Jean!

  17. Barbara Joy Hansen

    Jean what a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness to your willingness to let go & learn more about the deeper life in Christ! Thank you for your picture’s of your family which reminds me of all the wonderful Thanksgivings & Christmas together over the food & laughter! Your son, Gary is one of my new friend’s who interviewed me on Change Your Game.

  18. Stephanie Mann

    To Jean Rogers,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I know how difficult it is to lose your husband after many years. Your son, Gary, is a reminder that a loving husband and father are critical for all children. God bless you and your family!

  19. Jodi La Belle

    I knew Gary had to come from a special kind of Mom, with a special kind of son. Recognizing there was an emptiness and knowing to reach out for God, it brought you eternal peace. A Christian mother is the rock of every family, and many husbands find Christ through their wife. When they see the peace that shines, they began to want it. I find your story with abundantly love, and in helping others to find their way. We all have a purpose, it may seem little or large, but when God shows us, then we must step out on faith and follow. Amen, Hallelujah!!!

  20. Katie Rudolph

    May God bless you and keep you, Jean! Amen to your story of strength and perseverance! I agree, we must surrender everything over to Jesus and trust.


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