Legacy Of
Jack Hanna

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A Beautiful Legacy of Generosity & Kindness to All


Blake asked his family to join him in recognizing his grandpa for all the wonderful things he has done and who he is as a person!

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  1. Jim Driller

    I’m honored to know Jungle Jack Hanna and his fabulous family!!! I used to look forward to watching Jungle Jack on Late Night with David Letterman years before I had the privilege to meet him. I would laugh so much at JJ and Dave, I always wondered how they seemed to have such a great chemistry between them until I met him in person. He is the same funny person in real life!

    I have many great stories and memories over the years with JJ and his family. One of the most consistent things that sticks out to me is how humble THEY are for the achievements he’s accomplished over a lifetime. I not sure if JJ ever met a stranger, his love and generosity for people and animals are second to none. Thank you for your great example of showing the respect to anyone who is in front you (big or small) making them feel important and noticed!

    I will never forget a conversation we were having and JJ said, “You can’t rescue something, YOU DONT LOVE!!” I’m not sure how profound he thought it was, but it has changed my life! It reminds me of how much God loves us and His creation.

    Thank you for your kindness and friendship,


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