Greg Roberts
Journey Of Off Track

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The Void was Powerful, Big and could be Disastrous

Addiction, Alcoholism, Baby Boomers, Depression, Faith, Life Stories

Though Greg became a Christian at a younger age, he veered off the path and tried to fill a void with things that could never satisfy.
After many years of God trying to get his attention, he finally “got it” after his neighbor invited him to a Bible Study Fellowship event.

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  1. Laura Reitan

    Hi Greg – your story is so appreciated, enlightening and must be encouraging to others who face similar obstacles in life. My nephew Brandon is traveling down that rabbit hole of despair and he thinks that living for today is the only way. He continues giving up street drugs but then smokes weed and drinks. His girlfriend is an alcoholic and is prone to rages. Right now everything is copacetic for the time being… but it’s only a matter of time before the eruptions occur again.

    I’m going to share your story with Brandon in hopes that he will contact you and Gary for encouragement and spiritual acceptance. He once was a strong Christian but has been taken over with the worldly things (sins) of the present day. I try to turn my worry over to God but it’s been difficult.
    Thank you again for your encouragement and love for others. Wishing you all the best in 2021 and on. Laura


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