Ginger Terrell
Journey Of Faith

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It now makes sense why Ginger is all about helping and serving others today after reading her story!
Learn why she had to cling to her Faith in God after leaving Corporate America and moving into the Entrepreneurial space where she is a part of The Referrals Group.

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Ginger, it was so nice getting to know you over the phone. What started out as what would be a quick 30 minute call, turned into hours of great conversation and learning about you on a deeper level! It isn’t everyday that I come across someone so transparent and humble like yourself and wanting to help others as well! I appreciate that and I know others do too! Could it be because of some of the tough times/rock bottoms that take place in our lives which help get us on the new and better path? After reading your story several times over and over again, I just realized that around the year 2019 is when you realized that you needed to reevaluate life! Revaluate, examine, dig dipper are all words that coincide with what Check Your Game is about. What I find very interesting with your story is that you reevaluated your life just recently! Why is that important? Because it’s never too late for anyone to make changes and reevaluate the path they’re on. I’m excited that you then made the decision to cling to your Faith in God and can now understand how you got to a place of more contentment. I would encourage others to reach out to you and see what you’re doing with The Referrals Group or just to meet a great contact who might be able to receive encouragement from you! You are a Good One! Thanks again for sharing! Gary Rogers


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