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Rejection is Powerful in a Lost World, But God is Proven

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Franky got some much needed advice from his Mom while playing professional football (NFL, CFL, USFL) that would change him forever.
Are you TIRED of trying to go though life on your own?
If so, then this story is for you!


  1. Gary Rogers

    Franky, thank you so much for sharing a lot of what took place in your life as a professional football player. I understand that rat race and it can be so frustrating as there are so many variable that can happen which can help you make the team or get you cut! How do athlete’s and others do it on their own? What I loved about your story and one of those “Check Your Game” moments is when you accepted your Mom’s guidance and “Dared” God for help and took action! I was in a similar situation when I was still playing and at age 27, I too took the advice of your Moms and was “Dared” to try God in my life too! I wouldn’t trade it for the World! Thanks again for sharing such a story where ALL PEOPLE can be encouraged to try doing life a different way, especially when we try following paths that always lead to a dead end.

  2. Joseph A Jauch

    Great article!! I will share with my dad Ray Jauch.

  3. Emerson Martin

    Great story Coach, you have set a standard for me in my life, because of your walk and your faith. You gave me a different understanding of the game and the power of what God can do. Now I use the game as my pulpit and it has become a ministry of who God is to young men that I have been blessed to touch. Thanks for sharing your story. Thanks Coach

  4. Veronica Alexander

    Thank you Franky for sharing how you overcame the feeling of neglect. The advice you received from your mother was the key. Pray. Praying is so simple but spoken to the one who holds so much power. So, I concur that praying is the answer to overcoming all obstacles. Thank you for sharing.


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