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A Guaranteed Success but He was Lost in an Accident


On October 17th, 2020 at 9:30am, the gun will go off to start the first Frank Pierce Memorial 5k Run/Walk.
In this nomination, learn more about how Frank impacted others around him through the many interviews from friends and family that were documented below.


  1. Jim Griebel

    A family a long time ago moved in from Houston to Cincinnati and became my neighbor. Little Timmy was their son. He turned out to be 6’8″ but I wanted to share about him and his 2 friends that I remember who used to come over and play basketball in my driveway. Andrew, Andrew who went to vet school at OSU and Frank who attended UC to run. They would all come over to my house because I had a basketball hoop, but I also remember how they would drain my fridge of every can of pop. If I had 10 of them in there, they’d drink every one of them. I had some good memories of all the boys that came over and just remember Frank as an All American kid. He was “top shelf” and a really good kid. He was smart and talented.

  2. Gary Rogers

    I never knew Frank personally, but from what has been shared as well as a race to honor his name, it is obvious that Frank was a great guy! Humility is something of importance to me, especially as I age. Although not an easy thing to be, it is something that people really do appreciate. Humility is something that I’ve seen in Frank’s life through the eyes of others. Thanks Frank for the reminder for others to be humble, think of others first at the same time be a competitor as your Mom shared when stories of game playing! Your memory will be lasting as well as impact others who learn about you through your good friend Ryan’s words as he interviewed your family and friends. Thanks Ryan, Olivia, Hannah, Lara, Grady and others who helped get Frank’s profile on Check Your Game!

  3. Jill

    Wow! I didn’t not know Frank but after reading his story I’m so inspired by him! He made more of an impacted on how to live life to the fullest and with such compassion and integrity than most people do in their whole lifetime. If my life can be touched by just reading about him, I can only imagine how much he impacted those who knew him personally. I’m so sorry to all his family and friends for this big loss in your lives!

  4. Grady Rogers

    Although I did not know Frank personally I have recently witnessed what an incredible impact he made during his time at the University of Cincinnati and La Salle High School. In reading his story the biggest thing that catches my attention is “Call Frank.” I know people like Frank. They are the most selfless people in this world and would do anything for anybody. My prayer is that those who knew Frank or are reading his story will be encouraged to give back – help others – and invest time and resources to serving as Frank did.

  5. Shawna James-Davis

    After reading this story, it has spoke volumes of the character of this young man. We can all learn and grow better by his story.
    It saddens me to think of the grieve the family and all the people he has touched is enduring. They will all be added into my prayers.
    I know that God takes the best. Soar on your work on this earth was complete.


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