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Fernando Arroyo

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Fernando Arroyo’s story about Struggles, Suicide, Faith and a Miracle

Alcoholism, Gen X, Life Stories, Veterans

“I applied pressure to the trigger and I heard a BOOM.” This story is about a retired Army vet who didn’t want to continue living.


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  1. Jean Rogers

    Fernando…Wow! What an incredible story you shared. God surely loves you and has a beautiful plan for your life.

  2. Peggy Bodde

    Thank you, Fernando, for your sacrificial service and for sharing your story! What courage and what a testimony.

  3. Jodi La Belle

    The struggles in life makes us the person of today. You were saved Fernando not only to tell your story but to help others, that are lost. Thank you for your service, wear it with pride.

  4. Brian Goslee

    Fernando and Gary,
    Thank you for sharing this miraculous story about your courage, the miraculous power of God, and your willingness to share openly for the benefit of others. You are a hero and I thank you for serving our country and serving our great God!


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