Eric Sutton
Journey Of Life after Sport

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The New Medical Records were NOT Good- Football was Over

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In Eric’s story, learn about the time his HS coach told him that he couldn’t quit and how that impacted his life, especially after his injury in sports!

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  1. Gary Rogers

    Eric, thanks for sharing your story which I know will be impactful in the lives of current playing athletes as well as others who want to quit in life! Your HS coach was a great man in that he gave you no choice other than to commit yourself to playing football even if your team had never won through 3 years of High-School. Not quitting is hard enough, let alone when you haven’t won a game. My memory in playing with you is that you were a really good player, never afraid of a challenge and did most of your talking through your play. I’m sure I was experiencing a taste of what your Coach Echols had taught you a long time before we met as your teammate. Thanks for sharing your story as well as advice for others. I know it will be encouraging to all people in life.


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